About Us

Hi! We’re Cameron and Mandi Brewer— local small business owners of Gib’s Gourmet.
Together the two of us pop, make, and bag every kernel of our popcorn from scratch. Our recipe was passed down from Grandpa Gib and has made it to the third generation.
It all began after Grandpa Gib retired and dedicated his golden years to making the finest candies. It was when Kelly was courting Gib’s daughter Diane, that he proclaimed, “One day I’m going to make a company out of this,” that the original popcorn company was born. Years later after Diane and Kelly reared their kids and were ready to retire, their son Cameron and daughter-in-law Mandi had the opportunity to turn the family tradition into a business of their own.
Our popcorn is all natural, non GMO, and is free of preservatives and high fructose corn syrup, or “NO BUNK” as grandpa would say.
Our factory is located just outside the tiny town of Leeds Utah, 20 minutes north of ST George.
We work hard to minimize our waste. We hand sort our recyclables and haul it to the town’s bins. For popcorn scrap we employ our Nubian goats Jillian and Jellybean who are always willing to lend a hoof to munch unpopped kernels.
We are confident our popcorn is the best you will ever taste.
Feel free to reach Cameron & Mandi at amanda@gibsgourmet.com 801-792-6073